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Free your home from septic tank issues and go with safety standards in septic tank cleaning offered by Cook Septic Tank Cleaning in New York.



Septic Tank Cleaning
We clean septic tanks for residential and commercial properties of any size. Our truck comes to your site to clean the septic tank.

We offer discounted rates for senior citizens, firemen, and police officers, and have the largest fleet available locally.

You can contact us anytime. If you have an emergency, please call and let us know immediately so we can get you taken care of as soon as possible. You may call or e-mail us for more information.
Cook Septic Tank Cleaning is family-owned-and-operated with around-the-clock availability. We are well-known and have been a respected part of the community for more than 40 years. We are changing the way people view the septic service business. Our technicians are courteous and well trained. Septic Tank Services  somestimes require a small section of your yard to be dug up; we are proud of the way we put things back just as we found them. We attribute our success as a company to our attitude about cleanliness. Our job is to ensure your septic system is properly maintained and to assist you with any septic issues. We provide service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure we are there to assist you whenever you need. Headquartered in Montrose, NY, we proudly service the entire Lower Hudson Valley and all 5 Boroughs.




#1 Tip - Maintain Your Septic System!
The purpose of a septic tank is to receive household wastes (laundry, bath water, discarded food scraps, body wastes, etc.). Solids settle to the bottom and grease rises to the top. Septic system maintenance has two parts. First, the sludge layer that accumulates at the bottom of your tank MUST BE PUMPED OUT REGULARLY! This maintains the size of the water layer and eliminates any possibility of sludge entering and clogging your leaching field. There is no additive that you can put in the tank that will deal with the sludge. It must be pumped. If it is not cleaned, it will clog the system, which will then need replacement. A new septic system is an enormous expense, not to mention the inconvenience and time lost. A normal septic tank should be cleaned every two years with ordinary use. If you have a garbage disposal, your septic tank should be cleaned once a year.

The second part of septic system maintenance involves the bacteria necessary for digesting organic solids in the floating layer. BACTERIA MUST BE PRESENT! Bacterial action decomposes part of the solids and grease. Inorganic and hard-to-decompose material remains and gradually fills the tank until the solids pass into and plug the leaching system. Normally bacterial is present from household waste unless harm is done to the bacteria from certain home care products that destroy them.

The liquid from the septic tank system goes into the leaching field (or seepage pit) where it seeps away into the soil. Impurities are removed by filtering through the soil and by bacterial action. If solids and grease are allowed to pass through the septic tank, they will plug the pores and no longer permit the liquid to seep away. They clog the pipe perforations and cause drainage to slow and eventually stop. The liquid then backs up into the house or overflows onto the ground causing a mess and a terrible problem.



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